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Published May 16, 19
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What Is Serum In Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

I understand that we are in a pandemic, however, somebody at this company ought to reach out to a consumer by means of text or email to remedy a consumers concerns I will not utilize this item and want a refund due to my hassle and the absence of issue for my concerns - Snow Teeth Whitening Issues.

we excuse the hassle. The order number was **********************. The order confirmation # is # **** ********. Sent out from my iPhoneDuring the pandemic the return duration was extended as it triggered delays in shipments. ********************************* To Whom This May Concern: I sent a number of e-mails to this company and also called a number of times and left several messages.

It was that the package was harmed and late (Snow Teeth Whitening Dentist Reviews). The bundle was damaged and not functional. It was really wet and I did not open it because it was so severely harmed. I would like a refund of the purchase price ($ 149) because the item was not up to requirement when it was delivered.

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Please email me back and let me know what can be done to protect my refund. Thank you (What Is In Snow Teeth Whitening Serum). Mrs. ****************** 06/25/2020I ordered the Snow Lightening Set Wired for $111. 75 in late December 2019. I investigated the various Lightening Kits the Pro's and Con's and Snow revealed a 5 year service warranty on devices and a 1 month guarantee if the gadget did not work for you.

They billed my Credit Card Business April 6, 2020 and I received the kit April 25, 2020. I started using the package April 26, 2020 per the directions. I have used other lightening gadgets in oral offices and over the corner and all of them worked except they were not user friendly so I had a concept of what I ought to anticipate.

I knew something could not be right because all whiteners had had the ability to lighten these spots. I began emailing the support personnel immediately May 8, 2020 and discussed in information my issues. Each time I would email customer assistance I would put on e-mail 5th Notice, 6th Notice and so on.

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NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT so I emailed and text "I would like a refund period". Today June 25, 2020 I got a call from a SNOW worker Nicolas who said this wasn't his task to call customers however thought, he would take time to call and see if he might assist - Rob Gronkowskoi Snow Teeth Whitening.

There are wired and wireless gadgets he ask what I had, I stated, "I didn't see a choice just the wired" He said, the wireless had the blue and red LED lights which activate the serum, the wired did not use both that's why my own wasn't working (Snow Teeth Whitening At-home System [All-in-one Kit] 1 Kit (50% Off)). I request for a refund or exchange I was not granted either - How To Use Snow Teeth Whitening Kit.

No requirement to make a return. Refund has been processed. Please allow 5-7 business days for refund to be processed. A present and letter are being mailed to consumer and will be provided within the next 3-4 organization days. I thought long and hard on what problem to examine BBB's checklist in regards to how the person that called me from SNOW BIOLABS tried to verbal Bully me into tucking my tail and letting the problem go saying "you are the only individual we understand about that our product has not worked for them.

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He was talking I was listening about I had the wired device and that only had the blue LED so that's most likely why is wasn't working for me however the wired device has the blue and red LED lights that triggers the bleaching serum, that's what the Celebrities utilize (Snow Teeth Whitening John Russo). I finally got to say my ADVERTISEMENT did not provide the cordless and no mentions how the wired you could plug in your phone and most ADS on Facebook shows the wired.

I don't know the rate of the cordless and still don't. That's when he began getting Verbally Violent AS IF MY WHOLE INTENT WAS TO SCAM HIM! He was so off - I don't believe he even thought I was the one that he lied to, I was the one that had been SCAMMED in the very first place and I desired my Cash back on Something That has actually been misrepresented and I did not get what they knew was a faulty device (Snow Teeth Whitening Avis).

00 each and then totaled the gift plan for you as $ 20 some dollars. The presents imply absolutely nothing to me what I request for is for the Corporation to be conscious of the Bullying and the Verbal AssaultI got for waiting 3 months for my item, and after that almost 5 months for somebody like this man to bully and lie to me that I was the only person that Snow had actually not worked for and was verbally attacking since I request for a refund (which their return policy states you will be ensured or refund in thirty days!) or exchange my wired device to a wireless device, to see if the cordless work like he said.

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The bullying to attempt and make me think it was just my problem, lying on top of thatand being verbally Violent when I request for a refund or an exchange (which is mentioned clearly you can return in 30 days) or 100% guaranteed or your refund is specified in his Company Policy).

I attempt this person to call me from the Business acting like he was going to help me however instead wastrying to scam me once again by stating "he didn't believe I could get a refund (Snow Teeth Whitening Before And After). I want the Corporation of SNOW to be knowledgeable about the strategies utilized in what should have been a simple refund transaction went to bullying, lying and spoken abuse.



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